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Rememberkeep this and all other medicines out of the reach of childrennever share your medicines with othersand use this medication only for the indication prescribed.

There have been some anecdotal and online reports that taking large doses of nortriptyline can lead to ahighor hallucinations in some people.

ANortriptyline is in a drug class called tricyclic antidepressantsNortriptyline is used to treat depressionAlthough nortriptyline is only United States Food and Drug AdministrationFDAapproved for depressiona health care provider may sometimes prescribe notriptyline for smoking cessationchronic skin rash or itchingand burning mouth syndromea painful condition often characterized as a scalding sensation in the tonguelipspalate or throughout the mouthNortriptyline enhances certain naturally occurring chemicals in the brainwhich are necessary to provide a healthy mental stateNortriptyline can cause anticholinergic effectsAnticholinergic effects are caused by medications that stop the action of acetylcholinewhich is a chemical messenger that helps nerve cells exchange messagesAcetylcholine assists with many functions in the bodyincluding learningconcentrationand memoryAcetylcholine also helps direct the function of the heartblood vesselsairwaysurinary tractand digestive tractThereforemedications that have anticholinergic effects can negatively affect these areas of the bodyAnticholinergic effects reported with nortriptyline include dry mouthwhich is rarely associated with inflammation of lymph nodes or glands under the tongueblurred visiondisturbance of the focus of the eyesexcessive dilation of the pupil of the eyesconstipationblockage of the bowel that causes the inability of the intestinal contents to passurinary retentiondelayed urinationand widening of the urinary tractAccording to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial ResearchNIDCRdry mouth may be caused by various factorscan be a sign of certain diseases and conditionsand can lead to serious health problemsThuspeople who believe they are experiencing dry mouth should talk to their doctor or dentistAnd according to NIDCRthe treatment of dry mouth will depend on the underlying problemIf dry mouth is caused by a medicationthe doctor may change the medication or adjust the doseIf salivary glands are not working properlythe doctor or dentist may order a medication that helps the glands work betterIn additionthe doctor or dentist may recommend the use of artificial saliva to keep the mouth wetSome things can be done to combat dry mouth including sipping water or sugarless drinks oftenincluding at mealsavoiding drinks with caffeinechewing sugarless gum or sucking on sugarless hard candyavoiding tobacco or alcoholand using a humidifier at nightSaliva has many important roles in the mouthincluding protecting teeth from decayThusit is important for people with dry mouth to keep their teeth healthyTips to maintain healthy teeth include gently brushing teeth at least twice a dayflossing every dayusing toothpaste with fluoride on itavoiding sticky sugary foodand visiting the dentist at least twice a yearFor more specific informationconsult with your doctordentist or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medicationsparticularly before taking any actionDerek DorePharmD.

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